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CME presentation proposal

Please click on the link below to have access to the CME presentation proposal form:

CME presentation proposal form

Dr. Haleh DoulatyariAzar, President/CEO







Dear CIMA friends,

It has been a true privilege serving our Iranian Canadian medical community in CIMA Since Jan 2019. As a proud member of our association, I am leading our organization along with other members of board of directors.
While many of us know each other, let me take a brief moment to introduce myself.
I am a family physician with over 23 years of work experience, both in Iran and in Canada. Over the years, I have stepped in many areas of medicine and gained broad experience in clinical, administrative and academic aspects of my profession.
Since I became a member in CIMA in 2015, I gained familiarity with where we are as an organization. I realized that we can push ourselves into the future to meet the need of our members and our community.
My goal for CIMA is to build a strong professional network to support each other, to share our professional concerns and to grow trust and friendship among our members. With world moving toward virtual, now more than ever we need to be in touch and to support each other. We can collectively create a brighter vision for CIMA’s future.

“For a brighter future, we shall enlighten each other’s candles”



Dr. Sanaz Zarinehbaf, Vice President/Treasurer







Dear CIMA members,

As the acting Vice President and Treasurer for CIMA I am delighted to continue to work with the Board of Directors in serving our members and improving our association. My goal is to continue to strive for a stronger organization in finance, transparency, governance and ultimately membership satisfaction.

My vision for CIMA is to continue with the aforementioned tasks as well as help set up and lead various committees within the membership including the CME committee, Social Medial and Social Events committee as well as Mentorship committee.

When I'm not busy attending meetings for CIMA and working to achieve the goals of CIMA, I work full time as a physician in Kingston and Toronto. In the little spare time I have, I spend time with my family and  travel. I have a special interest in languages. I currently speak 4 languages and hope to learn the 5th in the near future.

Sanaz Zarinehbaf, MD, CCFP