About CIMA

Canadian Iranian Medical Association


The Canadian Iranian Medical Association (CIMA) was founded by a group of Iranian Physicians in early 2002 to serve as a networking platform for Iranian Physicians practicing in the Greater Toronto Area within Ontario, Canada.

All Iranian Physicians with valid College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) certificate of registration for independent practice may join CIMA. Memberships are renewed annually for a nominal fee. Active members are invited to join all CME events as well as Social and Cultural events that are organized throughout the year.


CIMA’s Objectives 

CIMA’s main interest is to promote professional and social interest of its members and to create means of networking among members to meet each other, share, and discuss their scientific and professional ideas together


CIMA’s History

  In late 80s, Dr. Hadian called for a meeting to gather Iranian- Canadian physicians. The first nucleolus of this casual group was formed by Dr. Hadian, Dr. Asayesh, Dr. Maleki, Dr. Beheshti, Dr. Boozari and Dr. Fazel. Later this group group decided to start a more formal association.

An association was started in broader level that consisted of Physicians, dentists and pharmacists. In this group every year there was an election to appoint Board of Directors. Dr. Adab, a dentist was elected as the first president and at some point Dr. Asayesh and Dr. Boozari also served as president in this group.

In early 90s, medical students also joined the group. As the membership numbers increased and the pharmacists and dentists had significantly increase in numbers, each group went on to have their own independent association. At this point, Medical doctors decided to form a new group to include only MDs. After few years of activity the group was in hibernation for 4 years.

  In 2001, Dr. Neda Amani and Dr. Afshan Zahedi started the current group once again and were the co-presidents for 8 years. They registered the association as a none for profit corporation under the name of CIMA.  We should give credit for the great name for this association: CIMA to Dr. Masoud Grouhi who had suggested it. Dr. Pazuki joined the board with Dr. Zahedi when Dr. Amani moved to Ottawa.

Dr. Fatereh Akhlaghi,  Dr. Abbas Azadian, Dr. Saeed Kalantari and Dr. Kamran Bordbar were the subsequent Directors for this group.

Currently, Dr. Haleh DoulatyariAzar, Dr. Sanaz Zarinehbaf and Dr. Hamid Mojab are acting as Board of Directors.